Skim through videos quickly using the power of AI.

Make your videos more effective by absorbing key information quickly. As you scan a video by moving along its timeline, Skimthru shows word clouds, or Skims, of what is going on around that point in time.

Skimthru creates Skims for you to review the parts of a video that matter the most.

Twice the Attention in Half the Time.

What is Skimthru?

Highlight Key Learning Points

Skip past the video content you know already and cut to the chase by processing cool Skims.

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What is Skimthru?
Skimthru creates. You curate.

Drive Video Engagement

Motivate viewers with concise video content. Reinforce key moments by making information easier to consume. Achieve increased video viewing and completion rate.

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What is Skimthru?

Make Videos Stand Out Easily

Make AI do the work for you. Get your videos to stand out with Skims – our patent-pending context-driven video navigation aid.

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What is Skimthru?