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15 Mar

Discover a Never-Seen-Before Tool to Extract the Best from YouTube Videos

Technology continues to show us endless possibilities of how things can be looked at anew. I believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key role here in bringing a fresh perspective to the changing landscape of content consumption. And as harbingers of positive disruption, we couldn’t have been happier to introduce Skimthru. It's a brand-new way of bringing out the most from the ever-powerful medium of videos.

Leveraging the Power of AI

Instances of AI usage are surfacing across sectors. For instance, AI is implemented by the healthcare industry for patient engagement, for interactive promotions in product marketing, and for adaptive assessments in the education field. In fact, the often-quoted Georgia State University is a good case in point. It has used AI in making a difference in student learning at the university.

Interestingly, all these examples bring in with them a high volume of spoken content. To elaborate on the previously mentioned scenarios, there are videos to help patients proactively manage their health, interactions developed by university faculty for students to learn a course requirement, training videos for marketing professionals, and the like. The key to extracting the most from such videos is identifying their real essence. That’s where Skimthru stands to make a difference.

Skim Through the Content with Skimthru

Skimthru makes use of a unique, patent-pending AI-powered technology to create word clouds. When words used in a specific text are clubbed together to emphasize either their frequency or importance or even both, it is a word cloud. We call it a Skim, a compact contextual snapshot that shows what is going on in a video at any point. Skims help you navigate through a video while focusing on the key points. It’s a game-changer, really, especially for the way content can be consumed.

As a video presenter, say if you wish to use a particular YouTube video on a subject. All you need to do is to ensure that the video comes with a transcript and enter the URL on Skimthru. With the help of AI, the Skims will automatically get generated based on the keywords. As viewers go through the video by moving along its timeline, Skimthru highlights relevant parts of the video. It is like twice the attention in half the time.

What does this mean for someone using Skimthru to watch videos – be those corporate training videos, business meeting recordings, or any learning videos? Skims will give you the precise information you need to know. In other words, navigate through the video within seconds and know the exact discussion points. Imagine the time saved from having to watch the entire video!

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What’s in It for You

Artificial Intelligence can empower both a video presenter as well as the audience. If you wish to make your video-based interactions more effective, try using Skimthru. The super quick, engaging, and concise Skims are bound to attract your audience. Simply put, it means a driven audience, focused on completing the content you are sharing.

Exciting, isn’t it? I suggest you check Skimthru and experience for yourself a whole new way of viewing videos. It is going to ask you for YouTube videos with a transcript, for starters. But we’ll soon be supporting videos from multiple platforms as part of our product roadmap so that won’t be a roadblock.

Till then, create, save, share, and publish your Skims on social media channels and let us know how Skimthru has made a difference for you.

  • User
    Larry Cummings, April 28

    I"m playing with Skimthru, I see the potential! Let me know how I can assist.

    • Avatar
      Manasi Mehendale, April 28

      Hi Larry,
      Thank you for taking out time to comment on our post! We will reach out to you shortly.

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