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3 Jun

Harness the Power of AI to Generate Video Highlights

Artificial Intelligence, i.e., AI has been a positive disruptor in the field of learning and education. Did you know that AI can help your learners build a personalized study schedule? Or that it can tailor the curriculum according to the specific needs of the learner? Basically, it allows educators to do more than ever before for the learners.

Applications of AI in Education and Training

We decided to explore this very benefit of AI and develop a tool that will facilitate the teaching process. The idea was to find out how to leverage AI to make the most of learning videos and more important, how to make learning effective yet fun.

Let’s say, for example, as an educator, you are planning to use a learning video on YouTube. The duration of such videos varies and can even be an hour long. Now, you want your learners to not miss out on any important points and help them retain the key concepts. How do you do that?

AI Makes Learning Videos Effective

That’s exactly where Skimthru steps in. Believe us when we say that Skimthru is going to completely change the way you will watch YouTube videos. Skimthru generates AI-powered word clouds to highlight key points discussed in a learning video. Now, word clouds are particularly useful for learners to find the most important things being discussed in the video and navigate through it quickly. It is like a preview of the most relevant words. We call a group of word clouds as Skim. Skims are compact, contextual snapshots. They narrow down a specific area of a subject, making it simpler for the learners as well as the educators.

How Skimthru Works

Currently, Skimthru works for any video on YouTube which comes with a transcript. To get started, sign up for a free account on Skimthru website. That’s Add the YouTube video URL at the designated space. The AI-powered algorithms go through the transcript and within couple of seconds, you will be able to generate AI-powered Skims. Once done, you can save and share the Skims with others on social media platforms, via email, and any other collaboration tool you prefer. It’s that easy and quick.

As this screengrab suggests, the word clouds carry words in different colors and sizes. Now the words with a bigger font size are of higher importance. They are the most important ones, not just in terms of frequency, but also priority. So, instead of going through the entire video, you can move along the word cloud timeline to decide which portion of the video you need to specifically watch.

Who Can Use Skimthru?

Skimthru is for teachers, learners, and anyone who is in the corporate training sector. For example, the vast treasure of Open Education Resources (OER) has lots of videos, but they may be long and unstructured, and therefore do not offer ready value. Skimthru is an ideal solution to extract the most important content from these long videos. Just ensure that the YouTube video you use comes with a transcript. You will find an icon titled cc beneath the video progress bar which will confirm this.

As an educator you are always ensuring that your courses are truly driving across the point. Skimthru makes this task easier for you. For instance, you must be sharing webinar recordings with your students. Several webinars are an hour long and it’s a little hard for many viewers to sit through the entire duration to watch it. Additionally, if it gets boring, there is a high chance that learners are going to lose interest and leave it mid-way. To transform it into a meaningful viewing session, we recommend using Skimthru. All you need to do is add the webinar YouTube link on the Skimthru platform and move along the word cloud timeline to decide which portion of the video is useful and should be watched. These AI-powered word clouds will exactly highlight the key concepts spoken at that point in the video. Compare this experience with an index which typically provides a list of where the chapter starts. But with Skimthru, it is like a gist of everything being discussed in the video.

Skimthru is for Today’s Learners

Skimthru can be a good tool to ease some of the concerns today’s educators have. Imagine creating unique videos every single day on a variety of topics from the vast pool of knowledge that already exists. It’s not just time consuming but very hard as well to generate videos that will stand out from the clutter. Additionally, these videos must be easy to comprehend, so that the learners are able to complete the course. That’s why, getting AI to create short, crisp video highlights for you, is the way forward. Currently, Skimthru is free of cost. You can experience a brand-new way of teaching free of charge!

There’s another benefit that Skimthru offers. Let’s say, for example, you record an online class. The learners who couldn’t attend the class, later watch this recording. Now what if they miss the key points discussed in the video? What if the learners have some queries and need to quickly find out and watch that specific part of the recording? How do they swiftly move to that particular video section? That is where Skimthru stands to make a difference. By quickly highlighting the key concepts in the recording, Skimthru makes it a better experience for your learners.

Do check this Skimthru vlog to know how you can make the entire teaching-learning experience something to look forward to.

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