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15 Apr

Skimthru: Generate Word Clouds to See Videos Differently

In the post-pandemic world that we are all a part of now, every aspect of our day-to-day functioning has undergone a change; learning forming a major part of it. The entire education system has undergone an overhaul. For the learners, shifting to a remote, online medium has meant absorbing more video content. As for the educators, to make up for the lack of in-person interaction, the new system demands creating engaging sessions that are content-rich to eventually ensure course completion. How do we ensure then that irrespective of the course duration, the freshness remains intact, and the entire learning experience becomes exciting? Enter Skimthru.

Learning Made Easy with Word Cloud

A Skim is a compact contextual snapshot that shows what is going on in a video at any point in time. It is achieved from an AI-powered technique to navigate through a video quickly while focusing on the key points with the help of word clouds. Now some of us might be aware of a word cloud, where words used in a specific text are clubbed together to emphasize either their frequency or importance or even both.

Imagine you are an educator and need to teach your students a chapter on the solar system. There is a YouTube link on the subject which you plan to use as a resource. All you need to do is to ensure that the video comes with a transcript and enter the URL on Skimthru. The word clouds will be automatically generated, say around words like dwarf planets, asteroids, exoplanet, and more. As learners go through the video by moving along its timeline, Skimthru highlights parts of the video with the help of word clouds. It’s a faster learning process since learners need not go through the entire video to understand what all entails in the solar system. And to top it, the learner gets precise content that is easier to retain as well.

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AI + Educator Needs = Skimthru

Artificial Intelligence (AI), though not really a new discipline, has particularly been a game-changer in the last couple of years. It has proved to be a resource worth investing in, especially to make technology a supportive function. It is for this very reason that Skimthru is widely being appreciated by students and teachers alike.

What the Future Holds

We see Skimthru boosting the way the entire learning space is operating at the moment. Why? Simply because we understand what it takes for an educator to provide quality materials and for a learner to learn from the vast pools of knowledge. It is hard work for a teacher to create materials that will stand out from the clutter, especially for an online medium, and simultaneously develop something that will be easily searchable. That’s where AI stands to benefit. An AI-powered Skimthru is bound to look different, offer content that is on-the-point, and gently push the learners to complete the course. Just as how the learners are going to be impressed with the customized content presented in a fresh way. After all, the underlying idea remains to make learning fun and engaging.

Do write to us to know more about Skimthru or if you wish to subscribe to the product. We’ll be happy to help.

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